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Welcome in Paris for the French SoFCOT!

The Annual Congress of the Orthopaedic French Society (SoFCOT) in Paris from 16th to 19th November is an absolute must within the French Orthopaedic Community to get opportunities to meet, exchange, share ideas and skills, as well as establishing new contacts.

We will thus be pleased to present the numerous additional developments to the OrthoWave software suite, on which we have be working hard during the past months, in order to make OrthoWave more friendly-user and efficient while following up patients and analyzing results…

The very new “Web-based” interface is right now on use… It naturally participates in the same OrthoWave software, which can be now reachable by using the same credentials either through the “java-Based” or “Web-based” platforms. Both of them point on the same Data base, of course. This rewriting of a new platform in order to make OrthoWave reachable directly on the Web, as announced by the beginning of this year, represents an outstanding improvement as follows:

– This platform is a highly secured web connection, under a valid https type certificate, as used here and there to get access to bank accounts, as an example…

– No longer problems while installing the program thanks to the very new “cloud computing” concept, or potential conflicts with IT departments upon firewalls and proxies, no longer the need for leaving the 8080 port open, which was systematically poorly accepted in Hospitals by security managers, and last but not least, faster display of windows and easier entry data and images, thanks to highly performing new servers…

– Almost all OrthoWave features have been yet carried out to the web platform… the remaining side features will be implemented witin the coming weeks (automatic recall for patients’ visits, editing documents and letters, video uploads…). However the simultaneous use of both the Java and Web platforms is already possible, based upon the current tasks to accomplish.

All through the 9 past months, this rewriting of the web platform has called upon the full resources of the whole OW team… At present, it will be time to go forth on the other projects, nowadays faster to develop thanks to the web interface. We mean the Arthroplasty shoulder and the Knee ligaments modules. We do not forget the “OW Lite” version to be used on iPhones, Blackberry and Note-Books, this Lite version being to be previewed at the coming New Orleans AAOS meeting newt March 2010. On the other hand, with respect to connections to registries, the various issues related to the bulk upload procedures taken over by the NJR team while upgrading their National Joint Registry to the MDS version, are to be soon cracked, which will allow OrthoWave to get connected with this MDS3 NJR version. In addition, regarding the OW connection to the French Joint register (FJR), mamaged by IEFO, we are still in touch with their developers to finalize the direct input of the FJR feeds through OrthoWave, while avoiding any double entry, which would be beneficial in terms of better compliance of this registry.

It is also our pleasure to announce the coming release of the new “official” OrthoWave web site, which has been fully redesigned by our graphic designers and friends from the Adspring Company. This new site will group all features which are linked to the OrthoWave software suite, i.e. information, on line help, tech support, the “orthoWave Community”, as well as private and public forums… We are dying to let you discover this new site, within from now a few weeks !…

The OrthoWave Software calls for the “SaaS” major principle, as “Software as a Service”… As a matter of fact, entry data is not simply for the sake of doing, the most important aim being to collect, treat and publish them. We can offer at OrthoWave Centre a broad fan of “scientific services”, which can allow everybody to keep unburdened of these tedious tasks of treatment, classifying, presentation of data, from the simple editing of analyses up to scientific articles in Journals on a “turnkey basis”. Do not refrain from asking us about any proposal or estimate.

We finally have not hire any OrthoWave booth this year, in order to be more mobile and available to meet you at any time in any location during the meeting in the Palais des Congrès. We will be reachable by phone at 0033(0)321531949, for any demo, information or proposal as well.

We look forward to meeting each of you through this congress in Paris. With the best regards of the entire OW team, and … Be OrthoWaved!

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