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Bringing OrthoWave to Asia and Pacific Areas: The OW2GO project

Sunday 13 March 2016



Toward a Set Up of National Registries in Asia-Pacific Countries Upon Orthopaedic Implants within the Aegis of APAC-Med: the OrthoWave Proposal


Health care and its many complexities are changing weekly, if not daily all over the world, and in particular in Asia and Pacific countries. As a moving target, each National health care system and what it will be in 2 years or 10 years is difficult to predict based upon a number of variables, the vast majority over which we have little control. However, one underlying theme has and always will be constant in medicine: the need to understand if our treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, actually work. And, if they do not, we must ask, “Why not?”. Providing answers makes not only scientific sense but pragmatic and economic sense as well. Answering this question meaningfully with respect to specific treatments is the crux of the matter; the proper application of software, hardware, and relational databases when properly designed and understood by its users can help us in evaluating complex issues surrounding the answers to this critical question.

The mission of APACMed is to improve the standards of care through innovative collaborations among stakeholders to jointly shape the future of healthcare in Asia Pacific. Based upon this very enthusiastic means of “shaping the future of healthcare”, we would like to introduce our computerized outcomes studies tool, the OrthoWave™ on line software suite (ARIA Ltd, Houdain, France) which would be able after 20 years of successful use in Europe, to bring a consistent, proven, and efficient mechanism to the Asia-Pacific countries in an attempt to harness the complexities of outcomes research by focusing on orthopaedic implants placed in extremities of patients at a rate and volume known to no other registry in the world.
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OrthoWave in Madrid: the European Hip Society meeting

Saturday 14 June 2008

Olivier Duriez, André Cadart at the OW booth in Madrid

Just back from the 8th “Domestic” European Hip Society (EHS) meeting in Madrid… We have got there the opportunity to meet previous, current and future OW Users at our first official OrthoWave booth and could demonstrate all critical functionalities that are right now afforded by the OW version 6. Obviously the whole congress has been studious and fruitful upon a friendly Spanish atmosphere. Congratulations to Eduardo Garcia-Cimbrelo, President of the European Hip Society, for organizing the meeting in a so famous city… We have been delighted to share a cocktail in the famous Bernabeu stadium, visit the Prado and especially the Goya exhibition, order tapas here and there and clap on “flamenco tablaos”… Viva España!

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